Report by Jeanette Ndlovu

The film Indodakazi / Mwanasikana was produced after the residents of Tshabalala echoed a conccern over the rise of child hood marriages. The film is running under Young Artists Development School (Yads)and the project seeks to educate the masses about social issues revolving around the communities.

The play is being showcased at various high density suburbs, in the city in order to help communities to come up with their own solutions, on how to eradicate among other issues such as sexual injustices in communities.

Yads Founder and Director Mzingaye Ngwabi said, ” This one was quite touching as during the talkshow a lot of residents were stressing the fact that early child marriages happen due to poverty and hunger ,thus parent’s give up their children as a way of gaining income in order to survive ” .

“In terms of donations we had become used to people coming in with clothes, but this time around some came up with soap and sanitary wear” ,he added.

Last week Indodakazi/ Mwanasikana was held at Tshabalala Indlovu Youth Centre and this week it will be held at Mzilikazi Centre.

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