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DJ Wabonunuza publishes two novels

reporter Patricia Shoko

A Ndebele novelist who is also a founder of Amaqhawanentaba FM in South Africa Bongani Joseph Mathe, popularly known as u DJ Wabonunuza has published his first two novels at Mhlaba Mkhulu Publishers.

Mathe was born in Bulawayo and bred in Lower Gwelo. He lost his parents at a tender age and he was brought up by people who are not his relatives in Makepesi Village. Bongani is a father of two who grew up going to Apostolic Faith Mission, but when he moved to South Africa in 2006 he started to fellowship at Twelve Apostles Church.

In 2014 that is when Mathe thought of writing novels about the hardships he went through in life. The first novel Mathe wrote is titled ‘Sekungehlele’ and this novel was written in 2014 but he had no courage to take it to publishing houses. Also came a night in 2017 when he dreamt about himself writing a novel entitled ‘ Imali yimpande yesono(Money is a root of sin)’ and from that dream, he woke up and began writing this novel which became his second novel but he was also afraid to bring the novel to the public.

However, in 2018 Mathe came across a certain lady named Semukiwe Mpala from Lower Gwelo who gave him courage to take his books to the public. “Semukiwe greatly assisted me in this journey and she even edited my second novel perfectly” ,he said. When Mathe took these novels to the publisher, in two weeks time they were out.

Mathe is currently working on the other two novels and a movie to be published in few months to come. He also wrote two dramas and the one titled ‘Iqhalaqhala’ was published. The message Mathe have for the public in his writings is to warn youths about life consequences that befall those who are careless about their lives. Also,to encourage people to put trust in God in everything that happens in life and also his writings teaches people that wealth cannot be bought but comes after hard working.

Bongani Mathe was inspired by Semukiwe Mpala who read and liked his first novel and encouraged him to publish his novels and continue writing. “From there I was asked by my followers to write them a drama and that is when I rose and met with other writers and we formed Amaqhawanentaba FM”, said u DJ Wabonunuza.
Mathe wishes to see Bulawayo artists successful in this industry as they promote Ndebele language.

Face book page: Iqhawe lo Siba Ndebele novels
Instagram: Amaqhawanentabafm
Twitter@ Amaqhawana23

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