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Reporter_Bhekinkosi Tshuma

Today 9 May, a special day to all women as it is a mother’s day which many found themselves proud and feel being special to their families.

Mothers play a big role in every family, bearing of children,nursing babies at their younger age, households chores among others as there is lot to mention.

According to the Bible a woman was created throw man’s rib, however they became different from men as their presence brings joy, happiness love hence makes them so special in everyone’s life.

 For Novuyo Seagirl, being a mother became one of her blessing in life as she is a proud mother of one, a boy child. In an interview with BANO she explains how the day is so important to women.

 “First of all i would to say happy mothers day to all women out there, you are beautiful, you are amazing, you are strong, you with stand in every situation and every pain liyizimbokodo. I would also like to dedicate my song to all of you “Imbokodo” wathint’ umfazi wathint’ imbokodo.

Also as a mother i faced challenges during the pandemic especially as an artist but all the same time as much it has been a pain and stress while a blessing in disguise for me as well because i had to sit down by my self and going back to the drawing board to restructure my brand as i managed to get tools how to deal with it and i got much time to learn a lot especially on social media where i would boost and upgrade my self and inhance the brand.

On the other hand, the fact that i was not working and not making money, it affected me a lot because my son needed many things, he is a very demanding kid hence it became so difficult for him to undstand why he was not getting pizza like he used before and his favourite food chicken inn because mummy was not making money any more so we became unable to go out there buy those things continuously due to lockdown” said Seagirl.

Novuyo went on to say, she is so grateful because she later managed to ovecome despite the challenges who hindered her and her kid from living the normal life.

“Trust me when you believe in God all things become possible, stand with God because he is amazing, kuyashuba, kuyashisa kuyabanda uThixo nguye omele alalelwe iloba isimo singavumi, happy mother’s day to all” added Seagirl.

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