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Millagre releases a musical anthology

By Patricia Shoko

Millagre Ray Langa a poet, musician (vocalist and instrumentalist), he is also a writer from Nketa 7 in Bulawayo, released a musical anthology on his birthday the 30th of April.

Professionally, Millagre started production in 2011 but his musical gene manifested when he was still a kid. “I remember my present on my 5th birthday was a baby marimba ”, he said. Millagre is an artist who does not like exposing his life more,he prefers to be low key. “I am not the epitome of the lie of celebrity hood, because to me I am a realist not a ‘wanna be’, therefore, the self of the Millagre is in the music I create and you can feel me in the instrumentation and lyrical progeny I exuberate ”, said Millagre. He has produced five albums so far with the inclusion of band concepts.

As he is not monolithic in a genre but a multi versatile, Millagre calls it a ‘Millagrism’ because he infuses his vibe and emotion into it. There is a Millagre unique touch that is there and it is what the audience will feel in the instrument arrangement. “Yes its Afro centric but it is not Afro fusion nor is it folk but it’s an embodiment of the Millagre. I am into the tribal elements that have been central in our African and Zimbabwean retrospect”, he said.

The anthology documents are the untold stories of the Afro centric soul who has been compounded by many challenges subjecting the African child to poverty and suffering. In as much as the African history has been adulterated by the auspices of Euro centrism which has tarnished African culture, the history of Africa never begins from slavery because Africa was already civilized by then.The colonization of the mind disempowered the black men enmeshing Africa to an inferiority complex. This is the inclusive of the colonial replacement ideology that painted black the value of African culture, yet slavery and colonization was hidden act of abomination. This has even led to underdevelopment of Africa when in essence Africa is a source of most if not all mineral resource. This anthology is well explained in Millage’s document titled ‘Escaping the Shackles of The Ancient’ which can be found on his face book page.

As far as Millagre is concerned with his goals in the art industry, he considers himself successful. Millagre believes that success is what money cannot buy and he does not consider success as fame but he says the timeless nature of the art brings forth value and satisfaction. Although he lives in a reality fraught with challenges especially economic hurdles but his achievements resemble success. “I have composed more than 25 tracks in my anthology, a lot of poems l am yet to publish, I am academic and ethnomusicologist, the fact that people have interest to understand my artist vibe and get inspired means that I am successful, however, I strive for more”, he said.
Millagre is involved in different creative activities with the goal to promote entrepreneurship youth and the wider community. These activities are mostly musical, poetic; writings and he run an Indebo edutainment project. Millagre is now working on the album launch concept.

To the Bulawayo artists, Millagre is encouraging them to be real, never leave a lie and no to cry baby mentality. “We need not to go to Harare for exposure but it’s time we collaborate and push one another”, said Millagre.
Face book page: @ Millagre Ray Langa

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