National Gallery Bulawayo Host Rococo Exhibition

By Bhekinkosi Mncedisi Tshuma

The National Gallery of Zimbabwe (NGZ) in Bulawayo will be hosting an exhibition titled Racoco that will run from today until 29 July 2021 with two artists to participate.

With artists Talent Kapadza a multi-award winner and Damiantee Partel will be part of gallery’s effort to develop a better practice in Bulawayo that will see many benefit from it.

Mr Cliford Zulu who is a National Gallery of Zimbabwe assistant curator for Bulawayo said in the exhibition, Kapadza will showcase his traditional Pollock- inspired dip and splash technique.

“We saw Kapadza in 2019 detaching lines and colour to a simplified technique of drawing lines and painting, finding new ways to present his work on a stretched canvas, yet they will look dazzling on paper behind glass” said Zulu.

Zulu also added that Damiantee, who was mentored by Kabadza over some years, its the right time now for her which she has been waiting to interface with the visitors to see all her works and be glorified.

The NGZ assistant curator went on to say although the exhibition was not balanced interms of style but the key message was that the two artists available who are different in age, background and style will showcase the variety of works in all form in one space defying all expectations for an exhibition at a National Gallery.

“We believe Rococo is bold and experimental work which we have always wanted to show for a while as it breaks norms and challenges the visitor and local practitioners to see art in different” said Zulu.

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