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Cal Vin’s mother bans gig post with her son’s name

By Bhekinkosi Mncedisi Tshuma

Cal Vin’s mother Sinikiwe Luphahla has banned the use of name of her son Cal Vin  Nhlziyo on baby showering celebrations post which was set by Nhiziyo’s girlfriend Michelle Maphosa to  take place at Makhendeni Cricket club.

With so many questions rolling on her mind about the night of her son’s death, Cal Vin’s mother has been in tension with her daughter in law who recently gave birth to baby boy. Michelle Maphosa who was supposed to be her daughter in-law until the death of Cal Vin on 25 October last year had made allegations that she wanted to throw a gig of their baby in remembrance of her baby dad who left her while pregnant of his baby.

Tension between the two worsened when Michelle used Nhliziyo’s name to be at the same place where the rapper lost his life while Cal Vin’s mother reminds her nothing good but the worst. “I asked them if they have ever seen a baby shower in a bar and they told me Cal Vin loved the place thus asked them to remove my son’s name on their media post because i gave him that name at my own and don’t want it to be used on a baby shower held at Cricket club. It was too soon for a baby shower after my son’s death anyway, they could have done a baby showering at least” the rapper’s mother said when she was in conversation with media personality.

 Luphahla still don’t believe how her son died as she believes he died because no one had tried to help him stop the bleeding as might have died because of losing too much blood. She said when she reached Mpilo she found Cal vin’s friends and girlfriend still have clean hands and clean clothes which showed her there was no assistance when Nhliziyo was battling with his life as she believed if the bleeding had been stopped his son would have managed to live.

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