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Artists Housing Scheme program postponed

By Bhekinkosi Tshuma

The program ‘Artists Housing Scheme’ which was to be hosted by Nyanduri Nyandoro on WhatsApp group on April 27 has been postponed after other guest speakers failed to be on time leaving it useless to proceed without needed information The Dare wants to hear.

The program will have guests that includes the Youth Sports arts and recreation ministry Dr Biggie Samwanda, Gerald Chinogara from Old mutual, arts legend Cont Mhlanga, Thoko Zulu, award musician Novuyo Seagirl, Butusi as well as O’Brien Makore who will be serving as guest speakers.

As Zimbabwe just celebrated 41 years of independence it might be remembered artists have entertained and churned messages of socio economic empowerment yet they remain marginalized when it comes to poses other thing they advocate the majority to have. Questions have been rolling, what stops artists from owning their own home? At this era of informal traders and other special groups organising to get land for building houses, is it possible for an artist to one a house in Zimbabwe?, In this economy where only formal employed people can get mortgage.

The host seeks people to join the online discussion that will bring out solutions of such situations. The housing scheme for artists relating to the possibilities of artists owning houses  either through their investments or through mortgages and other possible housing scheme.

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