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By Patricia Shoko

Thembelani Nkiwane, a gospel artist popularly known in Bulawayo as ‘Unamacakes’ a ,name she was given by customers after baking and selling best cakes for a long period. The 30 year old has joined the music industry after realising her talent and she has great message to tell the people through music.

Thembelani grew up in Lower Gweru where she did her primary and secondary studies. In 2007 she moved to Bulawayo and started her business of cakes. Her customers supported the business and that is when she was named ‘Unamacakes’. When Thembelani was in this business for 12 years she then realized that she had another calling in music and in 2019 she started recording.
In August 2019 Thembelani released her first single track called ‘Nyasha dzaJehovha’ followed by the songs titled ‘Nyashaa’,’ Ndichamunamata’ and the latest one titled ‘Shall be greater’ which is being played on different radio stations. “The song ‘Shall be greater’ encourages Zimbabweans to remain positive and believe that God will restore Zimbabwe, the dry bones will live again, there will be jobs, money, joy in our nation and the Zimbabwe’s flag will rise higher again”, she said.

Thembelani grew up listening to West African gospel although her inspirational was mostly in prayer and worship and that is how she composed her songs. “I start praying, worshipping, singing in the spirit and then end up with lyrics”, she said.
Thembelani is an artist who believes in herself. She is so much hopeful that one of the days she will be able to host crusades in stadiums, reaching out to people through music.

Thembelani also wish to own a photo shoot studio as well as a recording studio. The purpose of these studios is not to benefit her only but also to help upcoming gospel artists who cannot afford production at that stage.

Thembelani is encouraging the Bulawayo artists and their fans to have unity and love by supporting the local artists, attending their shows and buying their CDs. “To the upcoming artists, keep positive and believe in God. Do well always, don’t be in a hurry to be famous but just perfect yourself were you are, your time will come”, said Themby.

Face book page, Instagram, YouTube: Themby Blossoms Nkiwane

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