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The award winning filmmaker,award nominee,Founder and CEO ( Rain Media) ,Producer ,Director ,Editor and Cinematographer Shem Zemura speaks of how he fell in love with film.

In an interview he said ,” I do not remember when i fell in love with film but I have always had a wild imagination since i was a child.I started tracing and drawing pictures of Hollywood actors when I was in Primary school. My favourite is the tracing I did of Anorld Schwarzenegger in the Terminatar _ Past ” ,he told the paper.

He received a formal training in South Africa at Big Fish,did a little bit of theatre with Hlalanathi Theatre Projects in Joburg.It runs within the family, in 2015 Shem came back home and collaborated with his brothers to shoot My Lady which was nominated for three NAMA awards.The apple does not fall away from the tree, his mother was an extra in the Denzel Washington featured Film Cry Freedom in the late 80s.

He has been in the film industry for seven years and involved in a number of projects as a writer and editor.

“The educational system. Our industry is saturated with passion but lacks the most important tool: Knowledge.
Our curriculums are not aligned to the reality on the ground. Students are graduating but do not know how to operate a cinema camera, how to prepare a pitch bible or use Final Draft. The basic tools of filmmaking”. Zemura urged the government to change its education curriculum for the film industry.

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