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Jeys Marabini switches jazz for reggae

By Patricia Shoko

Majahawodwa Ndlovu the role model for many artists in Zimbabwe.Popularly known by his stage name Jeys Marabini,a Bulawayo based artist switched from jazz to reggae two weeks back to explore his talent and creativity.
Jeys Marabini, was born and grew up in Filabusi, also did his primary and secondary studies there from 1980 to 1990. Marabini realized his talent when he was still at school. He could sing well during prize giving days and at church,then he decided to be a professional musician after completing form four and he formed a musical group called Comforters brothers.
In the same year they then moved to Bulawayo and met with Makhosi and Sunduza groups which sang traditional songs. Marabini’s group won many competitions in Bulawayo every weekend at Revenue Hall ,and people would go there to choose the best groups for hiring. That made them strong and they changed their name from Comforting Brothers to Imbizo –King Mzilikazi’s strong regiment,because they realized that they were now strong. Imbizo travelled almost all over in Matabeleland and Mashonaland doing music.
Jeys Marabini left Imbizo in 1994 and he joined Sunduza Boys in 1995 to 1998. They had tours in India, Canada and United Kingdom. Sunduza Boys performed in different cities there and met with big musicians.
When Marabini was in the industry he never had plans for himself only but, he also had thoughts for other artists especially the upcoming ones. Therefore, from the tours Jeys Marabini left Sunduza and started a music promotions company in 1999 where he was promoting musicians from Africa to the rest of the world. The company promoted groups like Siyaya, Albert Nyathi, John Chipatura, and Imbizo among other groups in Zimbabwe and other groups outside the country. They toured these groups to so many countries like Germany, Singapore, Italy, United States of America among other countries and they met great musicians,l.They gained experience and they became great musicians in the industry. Even to date ,Marabini is promoting upcoming artists to record in his studio for free. He does all this because he wishes to see Bulawayo and even Zimbabwe continuing in the industry. “One day we will retire or die so what are we leaving in the industry” ,said Marabini.
Jeys Marabini for all these years has been a jazz artist but two weeks back he switched to reggae. “I had been a fan of reggae since I was still young, I admired reggae musicians like Bob Marley, Lucky Dube and others. So, I decided to engage in reggae to explore my talent and to see my level of creativity”, he said. The outcome is overwhelming because people love the song he produced and it has been played everywhere in Africa and he is now working on the other song.
People like Albert Nyathi are big musicians as far as the Zimbabwe music is concerned and they love the song. Politicians like Doctor Obert Mpofu, Professor Jonathan Moyo and the Bulawayo Mayor twitted about the song. Thuthukani Chele who played with Lucky Dube for the whole of his life made a video call saying this is the best song in Africa so far. “If such people are endorsing this song I’m then happy with the outcome and people are encouraging me to do more of reggae music”, said Jeys Marabini in an interview.
Jeys Marabini is therefore, thankful to all the people who support his music throughout the world. He also thanks the team that he worked with to produce this song.

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