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Skhu wins competitions on Amaqhawanentaba FM Gospel

By Patricia Shoko

Skhululiwe Sibanda an artist based in Bulawayo arose from position eight to position one, on Amaqhawanentaba FM chat show based in South Africa on March 21 by nine hundred and seventy three votes.

Skhu for the first time in history became number one on an international chat show. She competed the previous week and she was on position eight, but shockingly this week she became number one. People, including her and those in the studio were shocked when the results were out.

As a preacher who preaches through music, Skhululiwe realized that her competing song ‘Lihle izulu’ has done something in her fans’ lives. “After votes were announced, my inbox was on fire, my fans were more than excited and they are motivated to continue voting for me”, she said. Skhu’s fans praised her and they even named her ‘Skhu Isikhulu esikhulu…’

Skhululiwe was overwhelmed by competing with South Africans who are popularly known by their best gospel music and win the competition. All this is a result of socializing with fans every time and hard working. Skhu is friendly and open to her fans and when its time of voting it become more of an obvious thing that they support her.

As an encouragement to upcoming artists, Skhu realized that Bulawayo music industry has got best artists who are hard workers and they can represent the city as well as the nation anywhere in the world. Therefore, upcoming artist should copy such hard working. “If you are Skhu sing like Skhu, don’t copy someone’s talent but copy good deeds”, she said. Skhululiwe is also encouraging her fellow artists to market their art work internationally. In Zimbabwe she realized that artists suffer from pride and some have lost opportunities because they think if they ask for advice they will be looked down upon. She is against this and saying, even if one knows more things, it is good to listen, take what is the best and use it.

With great excitement, Skhu is appreciating her fans for standing firm with her. “We need supporters in the industry, before we discovered ourselves we were fans to some celebrities but now we are in it. I really see that without fans no one will listen to your music and you will go nowhere”, she said. Skhululiwe also appreciate her parents, family and Apostolic Faith Mission Church for prayers and nurturing this talent. Now she has found a very big family which sacrifices their data bundles and time to vote for her without payment, she is so much grateful. She also does not forget her manager Mr. Mass for the great job and of course God Almighty who give life.

Instagram, Facebook page and YouTube: @Staice Sibanda

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