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March 17, 2021


A 25 year old man Desire Siamukulule who recently appeared in the art industry in Bulawayo, appreciates his fans for their support in the Africa FM chat show based in South Africa.

Siamukulule is popularly known by his Tonga stage name ‘Mwanawabulongo’ meaning ‘son of soil’. He grew up listening to sungura music which got him inspired to become one of the sungura artists. “Particularly, Alick Macheso is the man whose music inspired me to embark on this journey”, he said.

 Desire started production in 2020 and his first track called, ‘Kukomena temulandu’, a Tonga phrase which means that growing up is not a crime was released on August 2020. Early this year, he managed to compete in the Africa FM chat show and due to supporters’ votes he was on position six. In an interview Desire said, “This gave me so much strength to keep on moving because that was the time I realized that I was not alone…”

Siamukulule wishes to become one of the best musicians who are going to put Tonga language into recognition through music. He therefore, appeals to the supporters and well wishers that this is high time he needs their help for him to express what he has to the world.

Lack of finance is the most challenge Siamukulule is facing in the industry. He needs money for recording equipments and other expenses. The good news he has to his fans is that, his first album is coming before the year ends. But before the album is out siamukulule promise a single track to keep them warmed up as they await the album.

Face book: Desire Siamukulule

YouTube: Desire Siamukulule

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