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Amazon Entertainment Private Limited began it’s journey on the 28th of November 2018,it is a Zimbabwean based entertainment organisation which focuses on music,fashion and recreation.

Support from friends and family kept Prince Ndlovu going despite of all the financial problems he was facing on the establishment of Amazon Entertainment Private Limited. ” It was tough when i started i had no money at hand ,I only had the dream and support from friends and family ” ,he told the paper.

With all the inspiration from Dr Ckhupha from Shut up ,Groove Events ,Khaya from Truth models and Ambitious Entertainment has managed to cover the following cities Bulawayo ,Gwanda ,Plumtree and Harare .However the entertainment company is still trying to reach international standards.Covid 19 has been a barrier to the growth of many entertainment companies.

In a tough city as Bulawayo the Amazon Entertainment Private Limited is shouting out to artists aged 16_26 years of age to come and make their dream come true.

  ” Not all Bulawayo artists are supportive but it’s a problem that can be solved because the popular artists,radio presenters and journalists do not feel like lending a hand ,teaching us and giving us a chance “. Prince bemourned the greediness of Bulawayo professionals and expectees in the arts industry.

It has been difficult for the Amazon Entertainment Private Limited to put up it’s artists on local radio stations and getting big deals.Prince Ndlovu the founder of Amazon Entertainment Private Limited urged expectees,artists and Bulawayo as a whole to team up inorder to grow in the arts industry

Amazon Entertainment Private Limited: 0774357554

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