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Reporter Eugenia Chitera

The 2021 NAMA Awards will be a legendary NAMA in which only the Zimbabwean legends from since 1980 will be receiving awards. Currently it has not been published on who exactly is eligible for the legend award, but it will be announced in due course. The NAMA annual awards are usually held in February of every year ,but due to the lockdown, they will now be held on the 27th of March 2021.

According to Rodney Ruwende the National Arts spokesperson said, “we hope to have what we call the legend Awards”. In this case preparations of the day are currently underway with strict covid 19 regulations. It is believed the awards will be done virtually,with performances from Mzoe 7,Tamy Moyo,EXQ,Nutty O among other artists.

More information on the criteria to be used, will be communicated in due course.

In 2022 there are going to be normal awards in which artists will have to bring in their work in time and compete for the awards like they used to before. However ,the dates to when these will be held have not been published yet.More to come….

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