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Ama-messengers coming back with a ‘Bang’ for a new start.

Reporter: Eugenia Chitera

As a community based Creative and Cultural organization, whose sole purpose is to deliver fundamental messages to the most marginalized and cautions to the most uncouth. 

Ama-messengers have built up a 2021 Generation that will bring unique social commentary edutainment to all communities, civic partners and local arts circles. Victor Siyanqoba aka ama-messengers has worked on a strategic roadmap cognizant of the WHO COVID-19 standards.

This will be unrolled by Monday 8th of March. Ama-messengers received the lockdown review with great expectations for a new start in 2021, Victor Siyanqoba said, ‘Since March 2020, we kept social ills on their toes and leaders on check. As an institution, we remain the watchdog and in guard. Creative Arts must serve a proper holistic purpose in the communities that mere entertainment that our people seldom gave hunger for.

The citizens of our Country need information so they do not perish because of ignorance.’ Ama-messengers have noted that through their outstanding creative DNA they will partner with Community Based Organizations, Civic Society, Government departments, Religious Institutions and Public and Private companies to take necessary information to the people at different communities. In line with the lockdown review Eziko Theatre Laboratory opens this month for local Artists under the theme CORONA FIGHTERS – VACCINE FOR ALL.

This will see the November 2020 setup of the venue and the new normal strategies of holding arts events at play. In November 2020, Ama-messengers hosted a COVID- CAUTIOUS session of Eziko in partnership with Phiri Events Solutions, KAISA AUDIO WORKS, VEINS MEDIA and Ward 22 local councilor in Nkulumane. The event was noted to be a remarkable success.’ 2021 has marked the time that the artists embrace new strategies and ideas as we complement the government strategy in combating the deadly pandemic,’ said Victor Siyanqoba.

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