Twenty one year old Bulawayo based portrait artist Kudakwakhe Kuvawonga takes his childhood found talent to another level level as he aims to secure a place at the National Art Gallery in Bulawayo which is still closed due to Covid 19 lockdown.
Having love for drawing Kudakwashe started drawing when he was in form one at Sikhulile High School,drawing special fruits which made him to love art more.Kirsty Partridge’s potrait inspires the young portrait aritst and motivates him.Passion has pushed Kuvawonga in having the thoughts of establishing his own studio.

In a country faced with an economic malaise the portrait artist is also affected ” its been hard special on marketing my works ,here in Zimbabwe people do not have money and I decided to charge less my portraits and the money do not pay for my needs” .The portait artist has been using social media to matket his work as he can not meey the clients physically.

” Art without patience ,practising you won’t go anywhere so practise everyday and be patient you will make it ,do not be scared of what people will say about your art .Listen to good advices not bad one’s because bad one’s will drown your talent” said Kudakwashe.

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