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Do not let it break you

We all have passed through those dark moments in our lives. We have learnt most of our lessons the hard way. We have been disappointed and betrayed to a point that we felt it was the end of us. We have cried bitter tears filled with anger. Through all those difficult moments I just want to send a rescue team to help you rise up again. I just want to say Do not let it break you. Life is not easy because it does not have a manual. Its not everyone that will love you , some will try to destroy you ,some will look down upon you , some will judge you and some will tell you that you will not make it in life. Do not allow all those negativities to break you. Never allow the outside to define you. Your capabilities are not measured by what is seen on the outside, just like an eagle rises to higher and higher altitudes in that storm that was meant to engulf you. Tell yourself that you will not break down. Become the hero of your own story. At the end of the road we will all smile as we tell our different stories. I know some of the battles that you have fought are unbearable but do not allow them to break you completely. Use the little strength that is left to rise to higher altitudes. As often said Difficult battles bring sweet victories keep pressing on the best is yet to come

Unleashing mental power🕊️
Sibusisiwe Vundla
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