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The broken African woman

I chose to believe his deceitful words
And I left my mother’s house
In a moment all his words vanished in the thick air
And I became the talk in the society
I would hear whisper in every corner
“I told you she uses black spell no wonder she doesn’t have children”
I tried to hide the pain behind a fake smile, hoping my tomorrow will be better
But none the less my broken heart was never mended

My In-laws brutally made me to pack my possessions in a tinny box
I swam in the ocean of my tears with no rescue
The pain of staying was worse than going back home
Because my replacement was on standby
My broken heart never got the chance to be mended

As I turned to my mother
My joy lasted for a night
“You could have been patient with your marriage, because women are strong”
As I heard these words from my sweet mother
My heart never stopped bleeding
I searched for death but it was nowhere to be found
Will my broken heart going to find healing
I am the broken African woman

Sibusisiwe Vundla

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