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The second time nominee in the PPC ZIMA AWARDS Charles Banda also known as “Mahlaba” born in 20 August 1987 has done it again in 2021 PPC Awards.
Last year he was nominated in the Traditional Folk/ Ezomdabu/ Imbube because of his music with a different taste and sound.
“I am so excited about making it to the national level. l have experienced this level and this makes me believe in myself. I also believe in my work and the fact that the message I am sending to the people really means a lot,” he said.
“Getting to where I am today was not easy but because of commitment and dedication I am here. Giving people real music and sound has made the journey a sucess.”
Mahlaba has worked with Sunduza and Counter Point Band and this made him realise his potential in music and to aim for international standards.
Mahlaba said he is working on an album which is yet to be released titled ” Imizwa or Feeling ” which was recorded at Elephant Herd Records.
The apple does not fall away from the tree as “Mahlaba” grew up watching videos of his late father who sang imbube,which influenced him to have a passion in music.
He released his first album in 2018 titled ” Ndebe Zami” which is a fusion of afropop and afro Jazz.
Last year he released a jazz single titled ” Uthando lukamama” which was released on mother’s day and made it to the nominations. .

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