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The musician Agenda Jonathan Maphosa popularly known as “Agenda ” is realising a new single on the 28th of February 2021 titled ” Presser Phusha Phanda ” which will take the music industry by storm.
He also released an album in 2019 titled “Love Session” which was nominated for the Skyz Metro Awards and in 2020 he released an album titled ” Ekhaya Kusekhaya” were he featured Albert Nyathi ,the album had many fans and it took him to international interviews with and VOA ndebele ( America)

Despite the financial challenges Agenda has shown his passion for music .In an interview with Bano newspaper Agenda said ” music is life and plays a huge role it must be taken serious,we must spread messages that give hope ,comfort and uplifting souls” .
Music being a source of happiness and being influential Agenda managed to get finances from one of his artistic life skills “barbering” and from a Uk based lady Busi Mhlanga .

Agenda further showed his dedication and value for his music career through working hard inorder to release his single in a country with lockdown restrictions .He told the Bano newspapers paper that ” we are very restricted and always home ,but hoping to host another show this year.”

Facebook : Agenda Music
YouTube : Agenda zw
Twitter : Agenda za
Instagram : agendajonathanmaphosa

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