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Unending love

My love for them is so vast and my loyalty so pure.
Even when exhausted, I never stop working for them,
because of the love I have for them.
My hopes break and my will goes down but through it all I always strive to do the best for them.
Just because the love I have for them is so deep.
When things go wrong as they sometimes do,
I hide my stress behind my contagious smile until they all smile.
All I want is to be the tiny star that will guide them all the way,
giving them the brightest shine,
because what I have for them is unending love
I am the man they all look up to

This Euphoria cuts my heart with bliss,
it’s my might that rules these plates with my enchanted hands,
when I play ball with the pots,
I turn every raw food to a famishing wicket,
cooking good-food because that’s what I do.
When my family sojourns in the pitful days,
I am here always to act like a pillow,
I am always there to be the comfort of their sorrows.
I am the unending love of the family,
because I am the waiter that serves happiness always.

Striving to be like daddy is all I aim for,
at times I’m so stubborn but it doesn’t mean I don’t care.
Sometimes I act like I’m in a vacuum and no one else exist but I can’t hide the love I have for them forever,
because there is an irresistible force that draws me to them.
All I wish for them is the best even if I sometimes fail to do my best.
Given a million options I will still choose them ,
because the love I have for them is so deep.
I am the hier of the family

We knit horror me and my brother.
I am blissful and never resting,
just to put whatever I have on the scale of love.
I am notorious but smart too,
I have love that’s appear every day like dew,
as it is so contagious like flue,
i blew as it flue in the beautiful petals of my hands,
I am the sister.

Fate joined us but our loyalty and strong love has kept us together.
That’s why even if we unwillingly wound each other there is always room for forgiveness.
The most precious thing that we all love is our swift laughter.
Which always angers the devils because his jealous
Though he tries to separate us he fails because our bonds are stronger than the covalent bonds in diamond
At the end of the struggle, we will always hold hands
Because we are one
We are the family with unending love

Sibusisiwe Vundla and Takundanashe Antonio

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